FEAT. sock co. began in October 2012, when two friends decided to turn a sock-gifting habit into a business plan. A series of silly, sock related stories had popped up in their friendship over the years. From buying matching socks or stockings to wear to dance class together, to the impulsive decision to slide around in the mud with socks on, a common thread emerged that they couldn’t ignore. In May of 2016, Alison moved on to travel and pursue other wonderful artistic endeavours, however, Chelsey decided to keep the sock dream alive, one colourful pair of socks at a time.

FEAT. sock co. is a playful, designer sock brand for sock lovers and dreamers alike. Our aim has always been to create socks that tell a story, taking wearers and viewers on a little adventure; or at least just be one reason you smiled today. FEAT. is short for ‘feature’, because we’ve always loved socks that stand out as the feature of an outfit, or become a talking point for conversation. We hope that our socks do that for you.

We are excited about the fact that FEAT. sock co.’s designs have grown in character as our customers’ tastes for wilder, happier socks have evolved. We hope to never take things too seriously (especially not our socks), but there are a few things we do: quality, comfort, customer service and local production. All production is kept local to Cape Town, South Africa, and we aim to always keep it that way.

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